26th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics ISSFD  June 3-9, 2017, Matsuyama, Japan


As the 26th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics will jointly be held with one of the sessions of the 31st ISTS, and it would be held simultaneously along with the program of ISTS.

The session of the 31st ISTS which will co-host the ISSFD is;

d) Astrodynamics, Navigation Guidance and Control

Attitude Dynamics, Attitude Determination & Control, Attitude & Payload Sensor Calibration, Orbital Dynamics, Orbit Determination & Control, Trajectory Design and Optimization, Mission Design, Spacecraft Navigation, Entry/Landing/Ascent Guidance, Navigation & Control, Orbital Rendezvous & Proximity Operations, Formation Flying & Satellite Constellations, Space Robotics & Rover, Spacecraft Autonomy & Intelligence, Guidance, Navigation & Control Components, Recent Experiences & Lessons Learned

The detailed program will be available after the 2nd announcement, and be updated accordingly.

31st ISTS Schedule

International Space Exhibition June 3 (Sat.)-June 7 (Wed.)
Opening Ceremony & Special Session June 5 (Mon.)
Sessions June 6 (Mon.) – June 9 (Fri.)

Commendation & Farewell Ceremony

June 9 (Fri.)